About Us

We are three friends developing and using cheats and hacks for mobile games. We started around 8 years ago with our first FIFA coin generator for FIFA 12. Since then we have released a new version of the hack for Ultimate Team every single year.


What is your motivation?

We are huge FUT fans ourselves. Unfortunately, this was always a “hate-love relationship”. On one hand, we love the game and the mode, on the other hand, we hate what it has become. Microtransactions, virtual currencies and special cards took over. Now you can find players for all kinda festivals like Saint Patrick Day, Future Stars, Chinese New Year and many other festivals. The problem: This is a never-ending story. You think you got a great team and awesome players, but the next week EA is releasing another bunch of even better players. The TOTY and TOTS are probably the best examples. It’s like a cycle. You keep spending your real money on even better players, but at the same time, the game is also extremely competitive.


What is the main problem?

People who are willing to spend their real money on the game will have an advantage over those players, which don’t want to spend money. If you are rich it will be easier for you to succeed in the game. In other words: You can have a better team and your chance to win will be higher. The game is not equal at all.


What is your goal?

We want more equality on FIFA Ultimate Team. Therefore we came up with the idea to simply hack FIFA Ultimate Team in order to add coins and points to the team. Now everyone is able to get free FIFA coins and points without spending any money!


Contact us

If you need any help or got suggestions for us, please message us on here.


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