Never waste money on FUT packs again!

Everyone wants to get the best players as soon as the game has been released. However, there is one huge problem with this: You will need a really high amount of FIFA Points.


The best strategy for free FIFA 22 points and coins

If you just started playing FUT 22 and you are new to the game you will need to know how to use the coins and points in the most efficient way. With the points, you are quite limited because you can only use them for FUT Draft and for pack openings. However, the coins can also be used for trading players. Therefore we recommend you generate both: Coins and points! Use the FIFA coins to buy yourself a few decent players like Van Dijk, Kante, Pogba and Mane and use the rest of the points for pack opening. The more packs you open the higher is the chance you will sooner or later get a FUT Icon or other special cards.

Open as many packs as you want

Once you got all the free FIFA 22 coins and points you can do whatever you want. Open packs, buy players or simply wait and do nothing. No matter how many times the game gets updated the items won’t disappear from your account. The FIFA 22 coin generator works for the Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Of course, it also works on the Nextgen gaming consoles. If you used all the coins for FUT packs you can simply use the hack again.

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Stay safe if you want

If you feel kinda scared to use the FIFA 22 hack here is a good strategy: Only generate around 1-2 million coins and 10.000 FIFA Points. They will be enough for you to have a decent start in the game. Use the Points to open as many packs as possible and use the Coins to get decent players right from the beginning. After this, the game will be much easier for you and at the same moment, the risk of getting banned is extremely low. We have been using this strategy for several years now and profited a lot from it.

Believe me, the game is so much easier if you have a good team. In the end, it is really just about what players you got. There is a big difference between having Cavani or Icardi as a striker or having Ronaldo or Pele.


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