Easy method for free coins and points

Why should you actually use the hack? Well, it is by far the easiest method on how to get coins and points. People from all over the world keep spending their money every single year. Every year you have to make a new team, open new packs, get new players and of course collect new coins. It is such a waste of time and money. Using the FIFA 22 hack will help you avoid wasting your money and time. It is an easy solution for a big problem.


Step by step tutorial for the FUT 22 coin generator

Using the FIFA 22 hack is easier than you think. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it correctly. Before we start you should keep a few things in mind:

  • No one asks for your password or security question
  • The game should be closed and not run in the background
  • You don’t have to download any file
  • It works for all systems including the new PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • There is no risk for you of getting banned
  • The FIFA 22 hack is available in many different languages
  • You have to enter your correct username and choose the correct platform
  • It can take up to 15 minutes until you receive the free coins and points.


How it works

  1. Open the hack, enter your username and choose on what platform you are playing
  2. Press on “connect”
  3. Now enter how many coins and points you would like to receive
  4. Press on “generate”
  5. Follow further instructions and wait for a few minutes
  6. Now you should have received all the free coins and points!


Be aware of scams and fakes

Especially on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and some other websites you will find a lot of posts, shares and videos on how to cheat and hack on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Most of them seem quite promising, but once you click on the link they will redirect you to a spam website. Never download any file and never enter your password or security question.



If you have any questions regarding our FIFA 22 coins hack you can simply send us a message. However, please make sure to read the step-by-step tutorial above first. Most of the problems are very easy to solve. If you have tried the FUT 22 hack once and it didn’t work, please wait for at least 30 minutes and then use it again.

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